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G is for Generations… and their Gaps

This is a biggie - and it has again been a tricky post for me to write, as I was letting go generational effects! So yes, whilst it is on the tardy side once more – no apologies this time x

We are each affected by the generation factor, coloured by the time in human history in which we spend our formative years. There’s nothing we can do about this phenomenon of our existence, growth and development process. However, we can ensure no edges form, as these are the stuff of generation gap formation, disconnection etc. etc.. This can prove problematic, as we do have a tendency of wrapping things of life into nice, neat little packages, tying them up with strings and filing them away...

For example, most recently, the term ‘Geriatric Millennial’, has been coined to describe those Generation Ys born in the early eighties, as they spent their formative years in amongst a pivotal shift in our technology from analogue to digital. Rather than it being what it is – an aha! for those born within that time frame - one of their multitude of personal markers, it has become a potential edge in the workplace. A potential edge in the workplace that sets these people apart not only from everyone else, but, has the real possibility of setting them apart from themselves.

A word to the wise from someone who cut her teeth in big industry in amongst the shift from manual systems and processes to digital, when efficiency, effectiveness and economy had become the new religion fuelling the capitalist 80s... whatever all that was defined me as an employee, a potential employee and as the person I became. It defined me inside, out and throughout. However, throughout that whole amazingly successful and pleasurable whirl of living on the edge, whatever I was wasn't the real me. Whilst I 'had it all', there was always something missing.

Whilst throughout I'd denied myself as a person of religion, I'd unknowingly become indoctrinated by the religion of industrial efficiency, effectiveness and economy... a 'professionalism' that coloured my whole life.

So, as I said before, we are each born into one or other time - generation - of human life on this planet, and yes, those things do influence what we become.

What's important is to recognise these factors as single facets amongst our multitude.

Now, this would not be a problem if people were in some way connected to, and alive and living in and with the whole of everything. However, this is far from the case… we all do what we can, when we can, wherever we can - we live first!

To further exacerbate this macro generational effect, we have the family and group dynamic generational effects too. Again, due to their purely circumstantial nature, development is seemingly seamless – natural even. However, because of the inherent limitations of both family and any groups we subsequently become part of, as well as our drive to be ourselves anyway, our development becomes stymied.

We may aspire to be some, inspired by others, avoid some, resist others, securing comradery with many. All the time acquiring patterns for living, navigation and negotiation that, unbeknownst to ourselves, are only relevant at the point in time in which they are lived. However, because these activities become who we are and vice versa, in time we become patterned in our ways of living. The more embedded the patterns, the less adaptable are we.

Whilst all of these factors progress our lives, they can also cut us off from who and what we actually are – our innate selves, skills, talents, abilities, art, personality and character.

All told, all generational effects mark steps of progression in our human life map. However, without connection with, and appreciation of the whole of human history, generation gaps will remain too tight for real wholistic progression to be made.

Of course, we humans love to attach labels to things, and these do have their uses. However, as soon as we attach too much credibility to them, gaps are formed, and, as we have seen, not only with the outside world, but also with ourselves.

No matter what year, decade, generation, family or culture any of us are born into, on some level we remain who and what we are and what floats our boat. Yes, there will always be generational benefits and detriments, what’s important is to not capitalise on either, as in so doing, you can be compromising yourself. As long as our underlying intention is to be ourselves in a healthy, happy, fulfilling and sustainable way, we won’t stray too far from being so.

Covid-19 is a significant marker in contemporary human history, because it is one we have all experienced. That's right, every single one of us has been affected by it. In this respect it did bring us together as one life form on this planet susceptible to another - a significant other that marked a significant difference beyond all the petty differences that keep us humans apart from each other.

As we step forward into another moment, hour, day. year, time of human existence, having all been affected by this pandemic, we each have the opportunity to be part of a stronger human presence - to be more of ourselves and more with the whole of humanity.

Each and every one of us has something unique to add to the rich tapestry that is life. Being yourself, and yes, on some level, knowing you are being yourself and doing everything that makes you come alive is exactly what makes the picture come to life – and beautifully.

Here’s How:

You becoming what you are right now began way back in the mists of time itself. Yes, way beyond anything generational, all boundaries and anything else for that matter.

Soak that up for a moment – maybe breathing it in, all around and throughout and having a sleep on it all… after all, it’s a big thing isn’t it.

Whenever possible, give yourself a break – from anything and everything that gives you hassle, whilst building in some strong, yet flexible and adaptable cushioning. Remind yourself of what it feels like to you to be at home in your own skin, in life with the whole of humanity, everything that's important to you, everything that makes you satisfied, happy, alive and living.

The following reads might help:

Home: here

Joy: here

Wherever possible, letting all your loving gorgeousness flow throughout.

Breathing it all in, around and throughout – your uniqueness, the incredibility of you being here at all at this point in time of our existence, everything you have ever been, all you are to be, your joys… allowing that sense of groundedness to settle you here on this planet, bubbling with life, being alive and living – and enjoying the experience, letting everything else go.

Now, when you have a mo, take time out to settle into the whole world of people, past, present and future, allowing space, time even, if possible, for them to do likewise. We each have something to offer the space we find ourselves in, which is great in concept, not so easily defined in reality. We are each, at times, too demanding of each other. Clashes are inevitable – and potentially painful. The best thing to do when a clash arises is to excuse yourself, securing distance between, space and time away.

Whilst ‘away’, allow yourself to be just what you are, grounding, centring and breathing as best you can, calming, settling and letting your joy arise. Then as quietly and gently as you please allow your whole self to get on board with the situation – for real, always open to the fact that for every person or experience that gives you hassle, there will be any number of others that will be nourishing.

Sometimes these clashes will arise from nowhere as a completely new experience, other times there will be clashes of old in new circumstances. Take your time, allowing your own whole sense to come to the fore in its own good time. Sometimes this will be via your intuitive, instinctive, rational, irrational, other times emotional, maybe philosophical, sometimes even ridiculous, just let your senses and sense making be whatever it is as and when it is. The more you practice the letting yourself be, coming home, settling and becoming happy in your own self, the easier things will become.

Whilst all of that more internal stuff is happening, allow yourself to gravitate without preference nor prejudice towards people, activities and experiences that are nourishing, lighting, enlightening and clearing your way – on all counts - they will be many, varied and yes, of all ages.

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