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F is for...

F is for Fight, Flight

I have a bit of a love affair… with the human body.

Such an amazing bit of kit – so wondrously complicated and yet, so simply beautiful. You can tell, can’t you – yes, I am just a tad enamoured with it all… yes, despite its inherent challenges of which we all have many.

So what’s that got to do with fight, flight…?

My stress-busting nemesis and the major confounder of all wholistic progress in our lives is our flight, fight mechanism - the necessary, yet super-entangling Sympathetic Nervous System.

It is absolutely necessary, as it stimulates heightened awareness, and super-entangling, as it is involuntary…

So you can imagine can’t you the first time that heightened awareness hits home, and just how not prepared you are to make full and proper sense of it all – it’s a bugger. The ensuing emotional, spiritual, rational, behavioural, activity and energy entanglements lead to all sorts of trouble from drama, sensationalisms and panics of all sorts to real dramas – anxieties, stresses and fears. The only way out of the entanglements our nervous system causes is through untangling.

Here’s How:

(If you need help through any of this, my contact details below, payment by donation)

The aim is to settle, calm and relax, enabling your whole nervous system to get on board with the whole of you in the whole of life.

As and when you are good to go, allow all the sense in the above to sink in, gaining a deeper appreciation, awareness even for everything you are.

As it all flows through, breathe it in, around and throughout, enjoying the sensations of you being alive, living safe and sound – everything ticking over just nicely.

Let go of everything you have ever been, whilst immersing yourself in everything you are, everything you have going for you and all you are to be. Breathing nice and slow, loosening as you go, deepening your flow, awakening to the idea of your heightened awareness, fight, flight and letting all be just what it is.

Safe and sound, all around with that sense of spark, lightness and glow, being fully alive and living in your life to come.

Letting go a little more, open your senses to the planet, experiencing your natural connection to this and everything else.

Breathing a little calmer, deeper, loosening some more, opening yourself to your whole life happening in, throughout and out through you - living it to the full – the challenges, heartaches, good times and bad.

Living is so much easier, and simpler with your whole self on board. The more you practice, the more it becomes second nature.

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here’s what’s happening this week…

Global Reiki Circle – totally free and always will be is still a few weeks away yet, the next definite date is Sunday 13th June at 8 pm UK time... However, you can tune in regularly throughout the month. Let me know if you have trouble getting through.

There is some interest in the workshops, but not enough to see them flying... just keeping the doors open for now and being with whatever flies in.

I'm still open to travel and, of course do online classes too.

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be safe, be sure, be you-ti-full


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