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Doing Yourself Proud

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Doing yourself proud is part of living your life wholistically... just what is it?

It can be difficult to know what it's like to do yourself proud. All we have to do is take a look at the England team's Euro 2020 to see just how difficult it is!

As a team and individually they did them selves proud. Yes, mistakes were made, accidents, bad luck and good fortune were all part of the mix - that's life - right.

Sometimes they would have felt good about themselves, other times, well and truly overwhelmingly bad. And yes, it's the same for the rest of us going about our daily lives.

All of our lives are full of exactly the same - highs, lows and all points in between.

Getting the balance just so begins inside and can be quite a lengthy process. Worth it though.

As a therapist I allow my clients to come to real experiential terms around their version of wholistic living. What I've found is that most begin entangled around and throughout themselves, unable to discriminate between the varying degrees of being themselves. So, of course it can take time.

I would say that maybe 99% of the England team would be wavering about feeling good about themselves just now.

And I have to say that on some level this is healthy.

Nothing stays the same, right. You do have to pick yourself up, get on and live.

Hopefully though, some will have fond memories of the tournament - of the camaraderie - the joys.

There's a lot of healing, growing and developing to be had by going through something with others, as well as sharing those memories. It's nourishing. However, when you want to make something like that truly life changing, then you do have to opt into changing - EVERYTHING.

Real, ongoing and sustainable transformation means not getting caught up in any particular aspect of life or life experience. Living, experiencing, growing, developing with lots of time and full, free living space all round is the way to go. Then, when we get to experience that whirlwind of woah! surging throughout, like we've finally let go, releasing a tidal wave of clear outs. Yes! That's when the transformational journey begins afresh - and there's no holding back - yep, it's time to enjoy the ride.

The point is:

That no matter who you are, no matter your background, potential and opportunities, being in environments where you can be yourself, living your qualities, skills and talents: shining and thriving is paramount - environments in which you can realise your potential - do yourself proud.

If where you find yourself is not working for you - get help - give me a call.

It's up to us all to do it our own way - to do ourselves proud... and there's no pride to be lost, only benefits to be had in seeking help along the way.


here’s what’s happening this week…

It's all relatively quiet on the therapies front just now - new leaflets were designed and ordered last week, so hopefully the calm before the storm. Wish me luck for Friday - it's when I meet the Committee at the Totnes Natural Health Centre.

I bowed out of the Global Reiki Circle last night to watch the England match - memories of youth reignited. Yes, I would have loved for them to have won - that would have been the icing on the cake. Saying that, to see them play so well with such tenacity and a lot of enjoyment sprinkled into the mix was joy enough for me.

Still lots happening on the Wholistic Living front...

I'm now a Parish Councillor - an elected one too! It's true I cannot deny my public spiritedness and here it has placed me fairly and squarely in a whole other environment to any other I've experienced... like I said, there's no holding back!

FYI - Transformational therapies remain available in person or online via zoom.

The Writing is happening!

Yay! Initial review and edit is complete and sent to volunteer reviewers... awaiting feedback...

Global Reiki Circle is Sunday, 8th August

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above all,

be safe, be sure, be you-ti-full


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