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Unleash your Power...

In this series of 2 workshops you will be introduced to methods, tools, tips and tricks for getting the most out of life and living.

Everything I bring to you has been developed through my own self-practice. I have gained clarity of thought, forethought and decision making, strength of presence and voice, moved from sedentary to active living, cut out so much unnecessary activity, angst and worry as well as feeling a whole lot better about myself, life and everything. I'd go as far as to say that I am much more me than I have ever been... and it suits.

Others are benefiting too ! Feedback from the last workshop was:

'Loved the exercises as they allowed time and space to really be myself and see myself. Good tools and tips to take into my life.'

Click to book through: Eventbrite

or phone Pat on 07737 196 669 for more information

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