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Being True to Ma Roots

Life's a funny old thing when you're a bit of an explorer. In fact you can find yourself in the most weird and wonderful of places.

Sometimes I am totally in it, fully present, getting on, getting done - the whole shebang. For the most part though everything is so loose, intangible even it's like whilst everything obviously matters - nothing does. Interestingly, it's in those times - when nothing matters that I make the most progress. All that said there is a thread of something that makes all this mayhem and magic work out all right... And that's being true to my roots.

Roots... the universe, the planet, natural laws, personal essence: genes, senses, emotionality, intelligences, values, gifts, talents, skills - all the things that make us uniquely ourselves.

We can't possibly know what they are, but we know.

Yes, underneath all the hustle and bustle, the tangles and dross - we know ourselves.

So there it is, the lesson for the day :-D

be good to yourself... only you know what that means to you... x

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