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International Women's Day 2018

The Global Sisterhood are doing their thing again on Thursday 8th March 2018... an opportunity to tap into, experience and begin to live afresh everything that it means to be a global woman in life today. I thought I'd offer some tips on how to get the most out of this and future events.

Safe, secure. comfortable and sober...

First things first, as with all things soulful, spiritually enlivening and potentially transforming, ensure you are well hydrated, in a safe and secure environment, where you can be yourself, active, calm and relaxed

Half an hour or so before the event...

Prepare yourself and environment. The point is to ensure the experience is as easy and free flowing as possible for you... you know best what suits your soul.

Ten minutes before...

Relax into place... open yourself up to everything in and around you, allowing your breath to move freely and easily. Allow thoughts, feelings and sensations to arise... express yourself and move freely... become at one with everything universal and planetary... solid, secure, evolving and free moving.

During the event...

Live, experience and be whatever you are...

After the event... or when your participation comes to a close...

Rest awhile, move slowly, freely, increasingly vital and with purpose

BTW... these 'events' are happening all the time somewhere in the world... women's circles come in many forms... craft, business, domestic, socially and even in academia and politics!

Wherever women gather with fullness in their souls, there is openness and free sharing of everything soulful.

Once you've experienced this sharing by virtual means, and opened yourself up to being soulful, other events and groups might begin to appear on your radar. Whenever your living begins to open new pathways and you feel drawn to places new, be grounded and take your time... have your whole self on board.

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