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Health, Wealth or Habit?

So, how do you make your medical decisions?

I ask, because I had to make one this week and it turned into a whole other world of transformation...

I hadn't really thought of having to make medical decisions before. Something would crop up, either for myself or others and I'd get to the job of putting it right. This week was different - it was all about me. Not my mum, not my hubby, not family, not a client nor a stranger. Even more impressive was the fact that I didn't wrap up the whole process in my penchant 'for the greater good' either ! No, it was all about me, and what I thought was a wart.

At the crux of my own medical decisions is the fact that I don't like taking medicines, or should I say, my body feels yuk after I've taken them and I don't like feeling yuk. So, it only makes sense that I would avoid taking them!

The, 'what I thought was a wart' had been becoming more prominent over a week or 2, and part of me expected it to just go away. Instead it seemed to be becoming more obvious, itchy, and I finally knew I had to do something about it when it covered my face... no, only joking... when hubby noticed it.

My mind went off, as it does, to all possible options... the doctors... Boots... Webmd... and a whole other host of therapies. Then, having checked in on the Interwebby with the Webmd, a little later that day I ended up at The Little London Herbal Store Ltd in Nottingham... Whilst there I found out the difference between homeopathic and herbal medicine, the difficulties around attaining an accredited qualification in herbal medicine (!) and, whilst the assistant was not able to diagnose my little growth, we had a good old chat around the subject and the possible remedies. I bought my medicine and 2 days in and the wart is shrinking away. Four days later and it is still there. I might have to visit the docs some time soon.... late breaking news... I didn't go to the docs... 6 days in and the top came off... 7 days and I stopped taking the meds... woohoo!

I still don't like taking medicine - homeopathic or not. Whilst the wart was becoming unsightly and itchy, at least the internal discomfort was relatively isolated and came with good reason. On the other hand the medicine made me feel really yuk throughout. All of which has left me with an interest in finding out more about Naturopathy. However, this now appears to be more of a distraction than a path for me to explore.

As you can see, just a simple, low pressure little issue like a wart can bring up all sorts of issues around where to go and what to do for the best. I think we get into a whole weird 'noticing something, feeling unwell, falling ill, feeling awful, managing, taking medicine, still feeling awful, getting better, feeling better and being better' loop that confuses the heck out of what actually works well for us. So much so that when we really do fall ill, we are ill-prepared to know where to go or what to do for the best.

Instead and for the most part, we revert to whatever has worked well in the past. For me this has been a combination of being open to whatever, going with the flow and having a go with whatever seems to rise to the top as having the most weight.

So, how do you manage and what medicine/treatment do you take on your way to being better? Do you do like me? Do you opt for 'Health' and seek out the shortest, surest route back to status quo? Or 'Wealth' and throw all your resources into bringing into play everything and anything possible to being better once more? Or do you revert to 'Habit' and step into a lifelong process of your very own? Or something different...

What is your health, well being, life and living quality process?

As I said before, this has been my first proper foray into resolving my very own health issue. So far all I know for sure is that better, more sustainable health, well being, life and living quality comes from being in a position to make better, more informed decisions.

Cheers !

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