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It's Official - we're going Down Under

Yes, Australia beckons once more - for me and Living First therapies!

Ever since we realised this shift in our lives, life has been a whirlwind - a glorious, crazy mass of everything - exciting, thrilling, scary and emotional.

I'm sad to be moving away from the loveliness of my life here in Devon - the people, places, environment and activities held dearly in my heart and yet my love for it all is joyous. This week I had the best birthday ever. It was mad - filled with the stuff of moving - yes, all the highs, lows, whats! and Uhs! Only to be blown away by the love of the folk at the River Shack when they surprised me with a dessert - mango sorbet, with a candle, accompanied by the best chorus of Happy Birthday ever. So beautiful I was reduced to a blubbering, yet happy mess.

I've changed my mind, I can't possibly leave now!

It's tough leaving the people and places you love, especially for Aquarian moons like me. I'd been brought up to be tough... to a degree, so in the past it was and had seemed easy for me to let go and move on, but the heart is strong and love a powerful force - we can't deny them forever. Actually that's not true - we can deny them, what I'm saying is we really, really shouldn't...

The overwhelming theme for this week's sessions has been love - the heart and its powerful presence in life,

Sensing, progressing, alive and living with love

My clients were blown away and transformed by it. Powerful stuff!

And so to the shift to Oz.

What can I say, I fell in love with a gypsy and I'm still in love with him today.

It seems archaic to be following my husband overseas, but in many ways I am... in many other ways, it wouldn't be happening at all without me.

In retrospect, having returned from Oz in 2007 to be with my mum it seems like I've been treading water. Don't get me wrong those past 15 years have been amongst some of the best. Yes they have been tough, but what they've brought have also made them the most precious. I lost my mum last year, and in many ways it seems too soon to be over her passing, but just a few weeks ago it was like a veil lifted to reveal a whole other life of possibility... one in which she is with me every step of the way.

I can't deny it, I do try to make sense of it all - what can I say, as are we all, I am a rational being, but there is none to be made.

In the place of sense is masses of love, joy, excitement... and not just mine. I've been blown away by my nearest and dearests' responses to the news - they are as happy and excited as us, obviously tinged with shared sadness, which is gorgeous too. Yes, it's all very precious indeed.

And so this shift is different - very different to any I've made before... this time I feel I'm well and truly in it...

Home is where the heart is, and we owe it to everyone - not least ourselves - for it to be wherever we roam.

So, what of the therapies?

I'll continue in Canberra. It would be rude not to after being called a powerful healer!

'til next time... x

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