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Beginnings, endings, options...

I began an Introduction to Counselling course 6 weeks ago, the last session was last night... time for reflection.

You see this is what I feel is lacking in our society: somewhere to go to chew the fat, throw lots of good knowledge into the mix (no ego attached) and live with each other through transition organically. Having completed this little course, it appears that in order to get access to any form of support, you must be declared/diagnosed in some way unfit or unhealthy. The problem, of course, with this approach to societal health means that we are incentivised into being ill/unfit/unhealthy... whether we are actually physically ill or not. Lives lived this way are limited, undermined and undervalued. Literally a deadly embrace!

My question now is: how best can I act to pop life-limiting bubbles that hold this cycle of ill-health in place?

Okay, my options:

Keep on doing what I'm doing... being open and honest, involved in any way I can, and being wherever life takes me.

Review all I have and set about doing something with it all.

Step into the world of regulated Counselling, Psychotherapy etc.

Write a self-help book.

Set up a community hub for living life to the full.

Put it all in the 'too hard' basket, kick back and enjoy myself.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about these or anything else that pops to mind.

Please comment, send me a message, email on or phone/text on 07737 196 669

Many thanks.

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