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Stronger People

I read a quote today:

'Strong people aren't simply born, they are made by the storms they have lived through.'

Fair enough. However, it's not just riding and living through the storm that counts. No, each and every storm batters, and our most sensitive and vulnerable aspects can suffer the most. Cocooned within a battered shell, we live, we cope, we continue to get through. There is no doubt, we continue to live, but are we, and everything that makes us truly who and what we are, well and truly alive in that living?

There are some clues...

There is what you are through those storms, how you recover, if indeed you do. There is also the effects, what you become, the ongoing effects, whether you live well with yourself, take full advantage of everything life has to offer as well as being everything you can be.

Whilst we all bear the effects of having lived, we don't have to be limited by them. So many people I meet self-limit. I see them tied up in knots, physically, emotionally, the whole shebang. All borne of living through storms without the required time, space and resources to ride them really well. I'm all about changing that, primarily by providing the time, space and resources for you to do so.

This isn't you though is it. Am I right? This is just everybody else, isn't it, not you. Well, I'm sorry to break it to you, but this affects us all, and it creeps up on us. One day you will realise you haven't lived your life, that you are not living your life. By then it may well be too late to do much about it.

This does not have to be you.

Just allow the possibility to live awhile. Whilst the denial might be strong, those quieter, gentler, more vulnerable aspects of yourself are stronger still. Maybe there are those times when you get the merest, slightest hint that there's more to you than the life you are living...?

Well, I'm here to help you live it.

And you can take the plunge right now. Just pop onto and book a half hour, no obligation Skype call.

The call is where I find out as much about you as possible (and that's a lot in 30 mins). I'll then go away, do some research, cogitate and get back to you either with our plan of action or to enquire further. Again, all obligation free.

Sounds too good to be true, ey? Well, yes, I am a bit like that. However, I will expect you to pay for ongoing consultations, all of which will either be detailed in the plan or agreed in full as we go along. It really does all depend on you.

Go on, what do you have to lose...?

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