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... and into the Unknown

For me the new year marks a place in time for reflection, to have a bit of a dust off - out with the old and in with the new in readiness for the new year - much of which will be unknowable... some good, some bad, some beautiful and others downright ugly. As long as it's all intermingled with a good sprinkle of sparkly light, we won't go too far wrong. When that sparkle is coupled with true wishes... our efforts bear the sweetest fruit.

How's your relationship with the unknown - the unknowable?

We've all had a lot of it to live with over the last 2 years - muchly of it ghastly and the way we live with, in and amongst it can tell us an awful lot about ourselves...

Back to Self

Back to self is a biggie, especially when living through unknowable times. Yep, you're in there somewhere. Despite all the to-ing and fro-ing, being stretched to your limits, the stress, anxiety and fear - all that good stuff that makes you you is alive and living.

Living with the unknown, whilst being our self is extraordinarily difficult and the ways in which we do so have a massive impact on our lives and how they pan out - what the future holds. Our responses when faced with the unknown provide insight into how things are going.

There are many, many different responses to the unknown, and of course ours change dependent on circumstances of the moment, here are a few:

A Blank Canvas

I was talking to my hubby about the 3 main features of therapy: past, present and future.

The aim is to free up inner space - free, full, light living space for this not only enables easy untangling of the past, but also smooths the present as well as providing clarity around shocks, surprises, potential and future. Inner space smooths our way.

The blank canvas response to the unknown comes from sufficient inner living space to allow for the unexpected, no matter what that is to circulate freely and fully throughout... whilst living your dreams and bringing your wishes to life.

An Abyss

At the other end of the spectrum is where inner space has shrunken away. Shocks and surprises are painful, giving rise to fear, insecurity and anxiety around what the future might hold. I've seen, touched and felt the abyss on many occasion, and I can feel remnants of mine in me now. Healing is the only way to go.

For me, Reiki helps no end - healing the things that are beyond all else... with a delightful dose of the unknowable. There are many other healing ways... all there for you to explore.

Blind Panic

Panic is okay - panic is a natural response - not necessarily very pleasant for ourselves or those who live around it, but at least it gets stuff out in the open. The problem arises when it is picked up on by others, and it doesn't matter whether those others join in on the panic, escalating it or whether it's poo-pooed or dampened in some way. Either way the person doesn't get to let it out and let it go - better out than in and all that. Panic needs full and free expression to get it all out, sent it on its way and to recover... back to self.

A Challenge

This is where the blank canvas becomes hungry for more. Again, this is okay, as it's being up for it. However, you do need to factor in time out for full and proper recovery from each and every challenge undertaken.

I've definitely been up for a challenge - even turning holidays into adventures. I was greedy for all life had to offer. It had a bit of a Geronimo! about it.

A, woohoo let's go dive into the unknown!

Borne of a drive to be in it and up for whatever life has in store. Like I said it's okay, but it does have its issues, as in that woohoo we can cut ourselves off from ourselves - and others. Yes, definitely up for a challenge, and it's taken me a long time to realise the importance of that R & R and bringing myself back to my self.

A Drama

Dramas are our panic reaction coupled with our imagination and ability to perform - for effect - and response to that effect. The number of ways they manifest and the multitude of effects they have is enormous. Again, dramas are okay - as long as others can see, even enjoy them for what they are and they don't become a permanent feature of our lives.

Dramas arise out of our imagination, which is great. However, they are somewhat removed from reality. As long as they're taken with a pinch of salt, some compassion, a healthy dose of humour and a willingness to progress life in some way, all should be well.


What can I say - we're rational creatures! Yep, even when whatever we reason makes no sense at all. Again, reason is okay as it's through our power of reason we get to explore and progress our intelligence around a situation. Reason is also our way of securing knowledge with the potential for wisdom. It's all part of our intellectual weighing up of things that helps us to proceed - to navigate and negotiate our way through life. What reason should never, ever do is get in the way of pure, honest to goodness truth and its free passage - a living soul being free to be.

All told, the unknown is an inherent part of our lives and how we live it affects us, our lives and our future. So yes, my wish to you for 2022 is...

For a happy, healthy and fruitful new year

For you to dream, hang loose, well and truly in it, letting the magic happen -

and for you to enjoy it to the full when it does... x

Happy New Year guys!

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