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Freedom !

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

All change...

Yes, Living First has broken free it reins.

As from tomorrow I'll be setting up a platform on Facebook through which people can realise their own freedom... their own way.

Life is beyond me alone... and assisting people through their minefields takes a whole raft of knowledge from a universal-size knowledge bank - introducing:

Our Hive Mind

Yes. ohm.....

Living First's Our Hive Mind... ohm... destination: freedom, fulfilment and a life that is our own

It's all about Personal Growth

There are lots, and I mean lots of things that get in the way of freedom, fulfilment and living a life that is our own - some nourish, helping us transcend and grow, others deplete.

The idea of 'our hive mind' is to be part of the former: nourishing, helping you transcend into a life of ongoing transformation, surfing through the slings and arrows that fill each and everyone's lives to be in enjoyment of all those precious moments we have...

Living your potential - shining and thriving throughout... with opportunities a-plenty, to re-nourish along the way.

Health Warning

First thing is to let go of is 'doing' or 'not doing' personal growth. I know, we get caught up in a cycle of learning, achieving, reward etc pretty much from the get-go. When in actual reality:

we live to progress anyway !

That's right, just like living, breathing, seeking out nourishment, self-satisfaction, healing etc. personal growth is a given - as an unconscious fundamental of life we do it anyway.

That is, we're not doing ourselves any good by either working at or avoiding it.... let go and let it happen.

One Group, Many Themes

Whilst there's the general discussion board, there will be separate guides (facebook term not mine) in the group for areas of particular interest - themes.... suggestions on a postcard please :-)

I've come up with a starter for 10... actually turns out there are 12!

- the explosive ones such as politics, religion, business and government,

- other more supportive ones such as one for Fibromyalgia, a condition I know nothing about personally, but have treated over the years,

- then there are those we can't avoid such as grief, menopause, work, education and the like

- and what would any group be without the experiential!

Primarily though it will be what it is through people finding it and taking part.

... and that means you too :-)

Look out for it on Facebook... and

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