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Being & Doing What You Like

Gosh, that's a loaded title - now I'll have to unpick it!

Being and doing what you like sounds dreadfully selfish, irresponsible even, which no doubt it can be, but we don't mean that here. Here it means you not only have to be and do everything that's right for you, but also stuff that suits you - more importantly is good for you. And when we're talking about living a full, happy, healthy life, we have to consider everything we are and do. And that's a lot.

So let's start your unpicking process, 2 lists:

1. What things do you like about yourself?

2. What things don't you like about yourself?

We're talking everything: feelings, experiences, thoughts, behaviours, activities, the life you live, environments and the people in them.

Off you go... it will take some time. Just take your time, letting things emerge organically.

Begin to revisit your lists - again, no big deal, just as and when... this time reviewing from a different perspective: one that's honing themselves in the world... becoming the person you really are, the person you like - is easier for you to be - suits you... yeah, is good for you to be.

be alive in the world... wow'd by nature... to be your own

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