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Career Shifted!

It's official!

I've joined the #healthyliving brigade!

It was such a tough choice, but yes, I have finally opted into an industry I feel suits me best.

It's crazy really, as choosing your preferred industry is part of my Stress Less, Live More and 'Go For It'! programs. For a free-spirited generalist though, who's also creative and a bit of a butterfly, opting into anything for real is a tough call - a biggie.

So, there you have it. What does this mean?

Holistic living does require that you live in this very real and sometimes torturous, sometimes beautiful world - really well. And if you would rather begin to make your own 'life-changing for the better' decisions now rather than later (I'm 61!) then do get in touch... I'm here to make it a whole lot easier and faster.

UK phone: 07737 196 669

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