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Twaddle Out - Truth In !

Freedom !

Has to be one of our human rights - surely...?

But it's not.

We have:

... behaviour police, activity police, emotional police, cultural police, spiritual police, energy police, economic police.... OMGoodness psychological police !

All stopping us from letting go and living our lives to the full.

And we do it to others too.

No wonder we're screwed up.

The best we can do is to come to proper liveability terms with ourselves, most importantly though...

from a place of strength

Then we get to be part of the whole picture - just more objectively - less hassle with less stress, and more time and space to filter the twaddle from the truth, a more authentic you with more oomph.

You can feel it can't you... your strength.

Stay with - be with.

It all so makes sense doesn't it.

We have so got this living lark...

Enjoy !

News on the Living First front

In Practice

After the excitement of getting back to practicing in person the week before, it all died off again. It seems things are in a lull.

On a personal note, I'm all for baby steps, but I'm also a tad on the fiery side (I have a lot of Leo in me) to be contained. The good news is I'm meeting another 'Entangled Activist' (that's the title of her book) tonight. This is soooo my time to fly - direction needs a little work though.

Back to you...

Is it your time to fly too?

Need help sorting the Truth from Twaddle?

To book an appointment in person in Totnes phone:

Totnes Natural Health Centre: 01803 864 587

for Monday's donation-only slots (sliding scale, £40-25, £14 low income)


Me: 07737 196 669

for (still affordable) private sessions in Totnes or online

The Writing...

Designer approached - no word yet though (note to self to send a reminder). Still waiting on 3 more reviews - all ladies with young children or with children and grandchildren and all in the northern hemisphere. So yes, patience once more whilst the holidays come to an end.

The last review was a corker - really went through it all with a fine-toothed comb - brilliant!

The anthology is coming to fruition! Just a few tweaks to resolve, and we have a meeting next week to bottom those. Looking forward to passing it over to the printer and our sales team - it's a cracking piece of writing!

I've been working on the booklet too... breathing all these things in, around and throughout. I do so love living! Still not sure about what it's missing.... it'll come.

Global Reiki Circle is Sunday, 12th September

Not long now...

Yes, we're into September!

Click here to stay in the loop by joining our Facebook Group and it's super for enlivening your space

Interested in finding out more...

Click here to book a complementary 30 min call back

above all,

be safe, be sure, and no matter what, be you


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