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Weird & Wonderful and Imposter Syndrome

There's a lot of weird and wonderful about isn't there - and I love it !

Beyond yet within the mechanics, rationale, philosophising, knowledge, words, opinion and total nonsense lies that 'je ne sais quoi of life' where all that is magical lives and breathes, adding its own unique touches to life.

Just the idea of it makes me smile... or is that just me and my impish, mischievous ways bringing glints of sparkle to my life?

Do you have it too?

Do you love life?

I know, there's much not to love. In fact some of it is downright scary - horrific even and dangerous. However, as long as all those lighter, brighter, warmer, more joyful energies are also alive and living within, even the most disappointing, scary, horrific, damaging are more liveable. And that's why therapies such as my own are so important.

Living a good life well takes a lot of effort !

... and sometimes that effort becomes overwhelming to the point where, yes, we need help - me too!

I bumped into a friend of mine in the market on Saturday. He's a warm-hearted soul and a retired GP. He always asks how things are going and enjoys telling his tales of experiences past. This time he related his experience of a case that had been a real struggle. Try as he might, he couldn't get to the bottom of things. Until one day, from seemingly nowhere at all, the source of the problems emerged. All those times before were leading to that all important moment when the thing that would set her free would come to light.

As likeminded souls, we shared the experiences of both frustrations and reliefs throughout his telling of the tale.

Our conversation continued. At one point he'd said that what people need 'is someone to talk to'. I responded with a ta-dah! As I presented myself to him. He laughed, responding with the classic response from a fellow professional, 'do you have any training?'

I have to admit, it is something I have unknowingly struggled with - the Imposter Syndrome,

'how could I possibly be here in this place right now talking to a medical practitioner, and sharing his frustrations and celebrations with no official training?'

I mentioned the Reiki, which I find phenomenal, and most certainly weird and wonderful. He was nodding sagely so I continued. Then there was my time with the Samaritans, he lit up a little more as I went onto explain that as well as being a listener, I'd also provided that extra help to those who needed more than the one phone call.

No matter what I say though, to me it never seems enough.

Like I should have been taught how to be me and do my thing !

We went on to talk about where I was practicing, which was new to him. All in all it was a lovely catch up and more. Having spent a whole lifetime in general practice, his words nourished my soul, 'You are doing a lot of good,' he said, 'much more than a lot of...' his thoughts trailed off as he went on his way.

The words that bubbled up from this were,

'Self belief, like all human life experiences ebbs and flows'

Whilst my fried the GP and I have much in common, not least our approach to helping people, we have many differences. And it's our differences I both celebrate and question. On the one hand it makes the range of services we offer more expansive. On the other is the lack of cohesion between those services... all those blockages in the pathways... or are there?

I spoke with a prospective client today, another curious creature immersed in the world of health and wellbeing this time in research, to whom I'd said,

'somethings, the invisible things aren't to be known'

The good news for us in need of help is that we have a whole range of therapeutic services to try out. That said, it doesn't necessarily make things any easer.

Undertaking therapy where you open yourself to reveal yourself is not an easy option. It takes real courage to put your life on the table, have a good and honest rummage through, all whilst reliving traumas. I take my hat off to all my clients and that's why I do my utmost to make it worth their while. Yes, it takes a brave soul indeed to add to their already burdened life for potentially more burden.

Personally, I think prevention is better than cure... and yet we're primed to live first !

For those who missed out on good, solid counsel in their teens, there is good news and that is midlife.

Midlife is the prime time for life assessment. We've lived, loved, lost. We've partied, laughed and suffered. We've battled, won and nursed our scars. We've done or nearing the end of our focus on sex. The end of our life begins to loom larger than ever before. We've navigated, negotiated and learnt along the way. And, most importantly, should we let it, all of that provides time and space to get to grips with our next phase

with the wisdom of our years

There is lots of help out here folks... open yourself to the weird and wonderful, open yourself to enjoy you being you, in your body, in this time right now and for the whole of your future...

The stuff of life that's geared to help you on your way is awaiting your call. Open yourself to it. Sense it, feel it, enjoy its presence - it's out there somewhere !

News on the Living First front

The Practice

It just keeps getting better and better!

Loving my time at the Totnes Natural Health Centre. A perfect space for all I am and do, and yes, my clients are varied.

I love that people are finding me here. For me, a dream come true - no pushy marketing! Just being who and what I am - 'in the market'. I'd love to tell you more about the gorgeous souls that find me there, but confidentiality forbids.

What I can say is that you will be welcomed with open arms and helped along your way.

To book an appointment phone:

Totnes Natural Health Centre: 01803 864 587

for Friday's donation-only slots (sliding scale, £40-25, £14 low income)


Me: 07737 196 669

for (still affordable) private sessions at the Centre in Totnes or online

The Writing...

Interesting developments happening via a connection on LinkedIn... I feel the magic in the air! As well as that, all steam ahead for self-publishing should the magic not pan out as I would like.

1 more review came in that provided great feedback, just totally out of line with the others. It inspired thoughts around another version of the same work. Not just yet though.

Ha! The weird and wonderful stopped by for a visit here too... I and another member of the crew got that urge to move things forward. Somehow it did and all fell into place beautifully.

Still no work on the booklet... breathing all these things in, around and throughout. I do so love living! Still not sure about what it's missing.... it'll come.

There are other works in the offing too... my piece de resistance that's been waiting in the wings for an age or two now... who knows...

The Global Reiki Circle... is Sunday, 10th October

This totally virtual, totally free stuff is really taking off. I was at the UK Reiki Federation Conference last week where we did another. Whilst it was via Zoom, there was no talking ! Yay!

Last month's session was such a good one. I'm already looking forward to the next. Goooood stuff!

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Interested in finding out more...

Click here to book a complementary 30 min call back from me

above all,

be safe, be sure, and no matter what, be you


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(the photo - by Sigmund courtesy of Unsplash)

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