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Living First - 3 years and counting!

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

Yes, it's Living First's 3rd Anniversary!

Oh my goodness, it has been a bit of a slog. Especially as it was all intermingled with a deeply personal 12 year-long life transformation. I have to say though, all in all, #soworthit

Living First - the home of grounded, blue-sky living for a life of love, light, intelligence, laughter and adventure

Life is very much a work in progress and the last 3 years has seen escalated climate crisis, plastic repulsion and pandemic. All of which point to a need to move to nature, holism and simple, easy, more natural living. Living First therapies are founded with those values at its core.

So, why 'Living First'?

The therapies have been developed for those who live first and then...

It's the tricky part of being your very own force of nature and being very much attuned to Nature. Sometimes, just sometimes though, it does catch us off guard. It's like being picked up and guided by forces beyond our ken. You are still in it, living it, possibly even loving and enjoying it... and then something happens and you are left to make sense of it all.

Yes, people like us live first and then the whole sense and intelligence of it all catches up later... and it is a really good way to be. If we were to consider everything before we leapt we'd never get anywhere!

It is also where the difficulties lie. It is nigh on impossible to tell when things are going too far off track until something breaks.

The reasons for Living First therapies are twofold: The first is to ensure you are on track, and the second is to help when things go off-track.

So yes, it's worth booking a call - even if it is to reassure yourself that you have the holistic green light... inside, out and throughout!

Should we find things have gone off track, I'll tailor the therapies to suit you best. Reiki is super for relaxing, loosening ties and provides breathing space for your light and life to expand. Transformational therapy comes into play to gently tease out the sticky bits. All told, the aim is to pick up the pieces, gather you all together, enliven and strengthen the parts other living doesn't reach, explore the wider dimensions, make whole once more and send you happily and lightly on your way.

Whether there is a lot or little to change, together we will enliven and strengthen your instinct, intuition, personality, character and personal values.

Why this is important

Making the change to being our force of nature with nature, and doing so well, freely and holistically is more important now than ever before.

I'd like to share a message I received from one of my beautiful connections on LinkedIn,

'HI, Pat. I love seeing your transformational message. We all need to re-evaluate where we are heading and why. Thank you for your work.' ...........................Mary Lou Barber

Living First therapies are here to help you stop, re-evaluate where you are heading and why.

The lives we have all been living just recently have put a strain on everything all round. First we realised climate change as a force of nature much greater than our own. Then there was plastic and now Covid-19. None of these are going away any time soon... and then there's whatever else is in store for us. On top of which, we still struggle to live well with each other in so many frustratingly futile ways. These are massive problems to which we have had to adapt and have all adapted. Yes, folks, transformation happens anyway. The point of Living First Transformational therapy is to ensure your changes serve you better and for life.

We all know the human world must change, and we all know we too must change for that to happen, but we don't, because it seems easier to stay the way we are.

I'm telling you it is so not!

Once you begin realising who you are, what you are and what you are all about, you will wish you had begun a whole lot sooner.

Oh my! I'm excited about you realising your amazingness, and yes, I'm here to help you live yours to the full and really well.

So, the question is, are you ready to live your life to the full and really well? One that suits you to your core - a soul-nourishing one. A life in which you are you - the whole of you?

Well, you know what to do, don't you... book a call !

What to Expect

I think you can tell by now that Living First therapies offer a unique way of rebooting your life for you to begin your life-changing journey anew, but what does that actually mean in real terms? At this point I would usually point you to my website for further information. However, this is currently going through a design change, which might take some time, So, in the meantime, I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about what to expect once you book that call.

Once you book a preliminary call you will receive email notification of the appointment followed by a call from me at the allotted time. We will then have 30 minutes to get to know more about each other. You will tell me all about what's happening in your life, what is important to you and the obstacles, health and otherwise that you live with. The more honest and open you are the better. From this I will note your issues, compounding factors and explore with you the best approach.

Should you agree to go ahead, I'll use whichever combination of Reiki and personally tailored Transformational Therapy suits you best to Liberate, Strengthen, Heal and Clear your way inside and out.

Together we:

  • Liberate your mind, body, spirit and soul

  • Strengthen all the good stuff that just is

  • Explore your life’s options

  • Inspire good sense.

  • Heal holistic discernment

  • Clear your way to living better

The life-changing things that emerge will not be anything you don't know either. It's just stuff you haven't yet realised. When you realise it, it will be like you get the all-clear. The all-clear to actively live a life that nourishes your soul, effectively sorts the wheat from the chaff, enabling you to live a more natural life – more natural to you.

Free living, movement, expression and emotions play a massive part in getting things moving. So, whilst it's not beneficial to prepare yourself for this sort of therapy, being well-hydrated helps detoxification a treat. Also, the more open you are to be whatever you are, the easier everything will be.

Therapy sessions are:

  • Calming, releasing pressures and tensions, reassuring, untangling,

  • Deepening breathing and breathing life into all the good stuff you are.

  • Detoxifying, your body increasingly seeks out more natural, healthy ways of living.

  • Re-enlivening self-renewing, healing etc., but also

  • Unifying your deeper, superficial, inner and external guidance, healing discernment.

All whilst remaining fully connected, engaged and living increasingly well in the real world.

Over time things clear and you begin to realise who and what you are, what you are all about, what comes naturally, easy to you. It's what we all yearn for isn't it? The path of least resistance, the easiest, smoothest route. What the therapies bring to life is a whole new world of convenience. This time not at the expense of the planet or anyone else, but with and for it.

Your activities and relationships will change. The more you realise and develop your natural skills, family, social, trading relations and relationships change. You realise how best you flourish on a whole other level of existence… nature based, sustainable peak performance... for life... and pleasurable at that!

You can get all of this started immediately by booking a preliminary call from me.

I can't stress enough the value, importance and effectiveness of Living First's one to one therapy in taking out the hard yards, clearing your ways inside and out, and turning your life around to a whole new life experience.

I'm here... to help you make your tomorrow the beginning of a brand new day, a brand new life, a brand new you.

The sooner you book that call, the sooner it will begin for you.

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