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On Becoming a Counsellor...

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Wow! Long time no blog!

So, I have been up to a lot, and yes living a life I like, which is 2023's New Year's resolution ;-) has untold benefits, not least of which - life reciprocates and likes me back!

I know it sounds bonkers, and to some it would be just that - bonkers! But hey, if it's the way it works - and really, really well, why knock it!

How have you been? Do let me know :-) ... especially you on the other side of the world - timing for keeping in touch sucks!

Now, you might know this already, but one of my likes is people!

I know, I am one of those rare breed,

people who like people !

Now, I'm not talking about liking some people, I'm talking about liking people... I can somehow enjoy a likeability aspect of a person... even when they've been a right royal pain.

It is true, along the way I have at times just not liked people at all. And not just one at a time, but every single last one of them! And no doubt that side of my temperament will rear its head in the future. That said, over all, I get Lori Gottlieb when she writes (i),

During my training, a supervisor once told me. "There's something likeable in everyone," and to my great surprise, I found that she was right.

Ah! Lori Gottlieb, I am going to get along with her just fine. She has a humane, candid and humorous approach to her work as a therapist that will keep me good company as I immerse myself into the world of becoming a counsellor.

Yes, the world of counselling beckons - as a perfect platform on which to play out those aspects of me that loves to live with the best of people, help them on their way, and thereby live mutually flourishing lives - super!

So, a humongous thank you must go out to Carl Rogers for taking the brave step out of his world of psychotherapy (whilst remaining in it) to provide people like me a platform on which we can practice our way... with palpable:

  • Unconditional positive regard towards the person - non-possessive warmth

  • Accurate empathic understanding - understanding 'the thing' from the person's perspective

  • Congruence - authenticity that builds an open and honest counselling relationship

No doubt I will add to these as more information emerges, but they are a good starting point from which to begin... and I can see where Gottlieb's supervisor's connection to the person's likeability fits in quite nicely with these, Roger's core conditions for beneficial therapeutic practice (ii).

No matter what may lie ahead, as far as I am concerned, we were all born to flourish.

Now, I also know that there's a whole lot of life that gets in the way of that happening - much of which we can do nought about.

The thing is, that drive to flourish stays with us, and it's my job to help free any entanglements that might be getting in the way of it happening.


So, here I am in Wellington, and opening up a new practice...

Primarily Reiki and we'll see where things go from there.

So far so good - lots of people have experienced Reiki, and I've found a gorgeous therapy room to practice from

- upstairs at The Capricorn Spirit on Willis Street -

good and central, close to bus routes

- upstairs, so tricky for those with mobility issues, but if there's one thing I've found in life,

when things are meant to happen there will always be a way.

Call: 0204 159 7755 - leave a message and I'll get back to you.


(i) Maybe you should talk to someone by Lori Gottlieb. I was able to get my first copy out from the local library

(ii) On Becoming a Person by Carl Rogers. I was fortunate to get hold of the 2020 60th anniversary edition with a super introduction by his grandson. The 2004 copy is available at the library, again, here's a link.

And if you too are becoming a counsellor, here in Wellington or elsewhere, let's get together !

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