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Week 1 Getting to Know Yourself: A Starry Night

Yes, it's the launch of Living First's 'Getting to Know Yourself' Facebook group!

Welcome and what better place to start than and to launch into the universe.

A quick recap first.

Getting to know yourself is all about getting to embrace yourself and being yourself with confidence.

We are multifaceted, which means there are many, many aspects to our being that all come together to form what we are. Many of which we lose sight of in the busyness of getting on and getting through. One such aspect is universality, and this is the one we will be looking at this week.

We are of the universe.

Let’s enliven our universality.

Here in the UK we are enjoying clear night skies just now.

You have 5 minutes to spare tonight... make it more if you can.

Set a date with your universal self right now. That’s right - put it in your phone or set the alarm, you can do this.

Go out into and be with the night sky - be wowed, breathe it in around and throughout - remind your whole being of your universality.

Be safe and enjoy!

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