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Nature abhors a tangle...

... and I am all about giving nature a hand.

My heart sings in the presence of beauty and weeps in its absence and, even though I have been living a decade of personal disentanglement, I still struggle living the presence of both.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which makes giving nature a hand at untangling the one from the other all the more difficult. However, there is one thing that makes the job a whole lot easier and that is people. It's like people know without actually knowing and acknowledge without obvious acknowledgement the 'it' that sings to them. Yes, it gets contorted as it travels through our own contortions, but when it hits home... oh boy does it hit home.

I have spent a decade transforming myself from a career financial professional into somebody who is at home, comfortable and fulfilled most of the time. I'm not saying the last ten years has been plain sailing. In fact it has been far from it. Nor am I saying that it could have been made easier. What I am saying is that my transformation is translating into me becoming increasingly attuned to, and nourished by, everything that sings to me. Oh yes, and it's now translating into me working with others to connect with their own. It so suits me and the people with whom I work it beggars belief that I wasn't aware of this sooner.

The beauty of everything that sings to us is in its almost non-existence, its purity, gentleness and warmth. So quietly it sings, so easy to miss, and so missing when missed. On the other hand, when it hits home, it touches and moves us at our very core, our essence.

For when next it rings, open yourself up to the sensations it brings, live and breathe it into your very soul; it is your life's nutrition at its finest. Breathe it in and savour its nourishment; it is you at your very core; your essence.

The presence of both the beauty and its absence remain, and so too are my struggles, but you know what?

Such is life !

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