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No, nothing to do with Mr Holmes, it's all about life's elements: the more earthly, the more liquid, the more gaseous, temperature ranges and the more beyond everything else.

We cannot know what makes life tick, but we are connected to, and affected by everything, and this can make living life exceedingly tricky.

A tip:

Get out and about in nature and connect with your primary home - the planet... a word to the wise - always ensure your personal safety is assured

  • Get to connect with your fellow peops - both strange and familiar

  • Get to connect with your fellow life forms (those that have a nervous system &, thereby, sensitive & potentially intelligent interactivity) - reptiles, insects, other mammals etc.

  • Get to connect with other life forms (those that do not have a nervous system) to enjoy the base pleasures of non-communicative interactivity - soil, plants, fungi etc

  • Get to connect with everything beyond the obvious to begin to enjoy the deepest pleasures of belonging: the planet's history alive in hewn rocks, nature's asymmetrical beauty and the subtle changes in life's vibrations

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