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The Curse of the Newbie

Ever had a, 'Oh my goodness ! I can’t believe I did that!!' or something similar?

We all live in this state of beating ourselves up for living a life we can do no more than live (yes, it's still 'beating up' even when it's masked in a really positive delivery). Yet we continue to do so. We are so amazingly adaptable that all forms of beatings take place. Either by telling stories to ourselves or others around the event, constantly learning from mistakes, in awe of life's or our own gifts or talents, or by numbing all life around the event and shrugging it away, to name but a few.

No matter what, we all do it. In the world of whole body, whole person, whole life health, well-being, life and living quality, this is so not beneficial.

So why do it? Well, there are many, potentially infinite number reasons, but for the sake of this exercise, let’s go back to being a newborn….

Cue spooky music and a melting in time…

We are born with no clue whatsoever of the life we are stepping into. We step in and live… phenomenal as we are, we adapt, build intelligences and become. Basically, living just happens and through that we become a version of ourselves.

Somewhere along the line we reach a point of, well if I could put it into words, something akin to, ‘Hmmm… now wait a minute… what happened there?’. Usually, there are no words, because it is a shock, surprise or trauma of some sort.

Experiences such as these are significant and become markers in our life, time and in everything we live. We can't really do anything about it at the time, because living never stops. However, the pointers remain somewhere inside. And so we continue to live, still a version of ourselves, but one that experiences gaps and overlaps.

So here’s an exercise to break the curse of the newbie…

Get a blank piece of paper, document, whichever medium you prefer. That blank space is yours to do with as you will. For this exercise, express all that you would have told the world, all the people and everything in it, had you been able to do so when you were born...

Take your time, there’s no rush, and let the outpouring to happen as naturally and organically as possible.

Please feel free to share if you wish…

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