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Healthy Loving...

Gosh, just how many ways are there to be unhealthy in the human loving department? Infinite? Possibly... here's my story...

My fear for the safety of others revealed itself to me this morning... I received a friends request from a 'beautiful woman' on facebook... in her profile was the photo of an 'absolute brute'. Seeing those 2 pictures filled me with fear.

It's my fear... that burns my heart... that feeds my brain... makes me think of things I can do to stop the inhumanity... alert the authorities... tell someone... that affects my guts... and everything else.

Part of me knows there is nothing I can do, or should do... my world is not their world... and yet it is... we are all in this one world... and inhumanity affects us all in one way or other.

The chorus to 'I am a Woman in Love' by Barry & Robin Gibb resonated strongly this morning:

I am a woman in love

And I do anything

To get you into my world

And hold you within

It's a right I defend

Over and over again

What do I do?

The words just rang true and answered so much around the power of human love and its potential for abuse.

Underneath all my noise and kerfuffle lies a calmness, a whole other part of me that is grounded in healthy ways of living. It's natural, has a natural flow and movement about it... its gaining in presence, intermingling with all the stressy energy, still uncomfortable, but things begin to calm and settle.

Life goes on.

The key transformational points from this are:

  • Be safe first and always

  • Take your time to tap into and be your natural underlying strengths, and allow this to strengthen your ability to be with all your feelings thoughts and experiences

  • Connect with, become stronger from and be more you with everything that nourishes, and begin to move yourself away from the rest.

  • You experience new experiences all the time.

  • If you are open to be more natural in your ways, these are opportunities to do so, be better from and be more you for having lived those experiences.

  • If unsure, find help... good help.

Life and living is as difficult as hell at times... for everyone...

I might never know Lynn Jones or anyone like her, but she will remain with me for some time yet as a reminder to me of everything that is unfair and wrong in this world.

It is this I cannot ignore, after all I am a woman and one who was born to nurture...

I am lucky, because I do get to feel that I am being looked after... nurtured, so it's easy-ish for me to look after myself and do likewise for others.

Are you nurtured?

Do you get to feel that you are being looked after?

Do you get to look after yourself?

How do you get to practice nurturing in this sometimes inhospitable world?

I can't wait to hear your stories...

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