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Love is...

... what makes us human, humane, warm, nurturing... caring.

Human emotionality is a fundamental part of what we are. It lives in our neurology, hormones and either thrives or diminishes at a cellular level. It's all about balance. Should our behaviours be that of someone who acts inhuman, inhumane, negligent or harmful, then we are out of balance at a cellular level. This then goes on to affect our whole life. The less loving in our life leads to a life less loved and loving.

How do I know this? Because I've worked really hard to get myself back in balance. In my own small way, I have been all of those horrible things and I have not liked it - at all. It's like being out of whack, and for no good reason. The good news is that I am getting to be where I feel I am myself and I am living my life.

I'm writing this blog, because I know that love can make us weak and vulnerable too. What I mean by this, is that it can make us do things, behave in certain ways, act and live in ways that are not in our own best interest. How many times have you witnessed an abusive, controlling, relationship, knowing full well there is nothing you can do about it, because 'on balance' and 'at some level' 'it is working'. From a whole other angle, there are those that are out of whack and have 'good reason'. There are those who have the notion of being missed when they die. They live for a vast funeral with a mass of people, racked with grief, unable to live without them. Or worse still, there are those who live with 'they'll be sorry when I'm gone.'

But really? Is a life lived less worth it for a heartfelt eulogy? Or worse still, to live harbouring bad feelings?

No. Love is in the here and now, every moment we live. It's not just for our loved ones, it's there to ooze out our pores and be the humans we are, the humanity we want to perpetuate, the people we want to live with and around: people who love.

Love is: the beauty that is and remains.

In the words of Ray Noble, 'it is the sweetest thing'...

... cue music...

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