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Yes, my journeying into psychology continues and where better to begin than the word itself:

psyche ology

Ology means the study of and to be honest, I'm not that keen on studying anything. You see I'd much rather 'get to know' a subject, studying sounds way too focused for me. Or should I say, it is too focussed for me, not so much in the study of things, but the way we go about doing so.

Education in all its forms is way too institutionalised/regimented for my liking - and I like things well ordered, so goodness knows what it's like for those who can't abide order - good or otherwise! That said, so far the study of the psyche, does light my soul and just by chance this past week I've met two others for whom it does the same... birds of a feather and all that!

So what is the psyche part of psychology?

There are many definitions, but the one that resonates most strongly with me is from Thomas M Heffernan's 'A Student's Guide to Studying Psychology' 3rd Edition (2005) - gosh! I've just noticed the number of references to studying in that title: student, studying and the ology! Anyhoo, back to the definition:

psyche is derived from the greek word for the soul

How cool is that! Yes, definitely worth reading it a few times...

psyche is derived from the greek word for the soul

and one more for luck:

psyche is derived from the greek word for the soul

Yes, psychology is all about the very essence of our being: our soul, immersed, entwined and alive in every single aspect of our being.

And so when we pick up a book, magazine or chat about the interpretation of things: mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually or spatially, we are in that world of getting to understand ourselves a little better... we've entered the world of Psychology - and a potentially beautiful place indeed. However, it is also the place of hurt, injury, illness and trauma.

So take care and tread lightly.

When the body hurts the soul grieves... and that calls for the deepest levels of care.

Take care x

It's our Reiki Circle again this coming Sunday - opportunity indeed to take a break from the hustle and bustle, let go and replenish.

8pm Canberra time which this month is 10am UK time

Alternatively, take a quality break any time - Reiki is universal energy after all and that means it's here there and everywhere 24/7

'tl next time... x

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