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In an ideal World there would be no need for therapists...

... the thing is... we don't live in an ideal world.

Life and living is difficult for everyone and nobody has time, space or energy for anything other than living the moment as best we can.

The problem is that we can get stuck in living ways and lives that really do not suit. Worse still, when we begin to realise that they do not suit. Once stuck, it is almost impossible to be anything else, and that is when we need help.

The help I'm talking about comes in many forms, from friends and family members to complete strangers and professionals. Whatever the form, this help should be: encouraging, supporting, clarifying, revitalising and life-expanding.

So why therapy? Primarily it is when there is nowhere else to turn, or when the help that is being offered is not what is needed. Therapy helps to tease out the wood from the trees, the wheat from the chaff, the realistic from the unrealistic and the you from the not you.

A word to the wise... should you be considering entering the world of therapy, it is of paramount importance to connect with one that is going to deliver. One way to do so is to talk to the therapist themselves before you commit in any way. Most offer different ways to connect, so if you are unsure about talking face to face or over the phone, you can email, text or message.

Take all the time you need. Somewhere inside, you will know when you've found the right one for you, and always remember, this is your life we are talking about...

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