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A Happy Brain

OMGoodness... yet another pleasantly unexpected outcome.

I don't know whether you know or not, but I'm not just developing a new style of therapy (for want of a better word), I'm living it.

Why therapy? Well, I've always been quite the master of self-objectivity, self-scrutiny, research, self-experimentation and life-enhancing transformations, and I have come to realise that most others aren't. So Living First, its therapies and workshops, gives you the chance to be more objective without having to be self-objective.

What can I say, it's doing me good and the point is to do you good too.

So yes, the breaking news for today is that my brain finally got to breathe... with the whole of the rest of my body!!!! It felt happier for it... and now that happiness is spreading throughout.

Yesterday I was writing about healthy circularities, one of them being: healthy brain, healthy body, healthy senses, healthy you, healthy mind. What I didn't realise at the time was that my underlying happiness was to follow.

I have often struggled with happiness especially when all the world seemed doomed to crash and burn in horror. But that's not the happiness I'm experiencing just now. It's not an emotional response, it's symptomatic of my whole self on board and living.

I will still be sad, I will still be horrified, and all points in between, those are responses to real life events. If they were to happen to me, I would live anyway (Living First) and, if I were to survive, I would deal with the aftermath later... as best I could. So, no matter the real time response, in amongst all of that real time living is me, a happy soul living as best I can.

What can I say... this life-enhancing transformational stuff really works.

Are you interested in finding out what all of this Living First malarkey might mean for you?

Then please do get in touch.

Feeling a draw towards and resistance? Then dip your toe with a workshop. Resistance is symptomatic of internal battles - not good for anything really and so stressful - just keeps us stuck and battling, inside, out and throughout. It is also one of the main reasons we hold/are held back in life.

All Living First practices are geared to help resistances melt away... naturally, organically and pleasantly... for the real you to emerge and live.

I'm so looking forward to meeting you.

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