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The Future Present

The future is a constant presence in the present, intermingled with everything we have ever lived. All of which makes life rather complicated to say the least.

There are so many forces at play in any one life that it is impossible to make sense of anything... and yet, we do, and things do 'make sense', because our senses can tell us everything we will ever need to know - when we let them.

I took this photo on the spur of the moment... it is a representation of my future alive in the present.

Our move down south has been 'on the cards' for some time, and it is a big move for us. Despite having lived in the US and Australia, and having travelled a lot, this move is enormous. Whereas before, when living's primarily been about the work and where the jobs are, this time it's all about the senses, the feelings, the vibes, activities and potential life quality.

Some might call it 'retirement'. Not me.

Many of the lives I touch are taking the plunge and living differently, and I know the time, effort and will involved in making this shift to living well. For me, as different as this will be, there is a real sense of continuity, living as usual, only with less pressure to perform.

What's your future looking like?

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