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S is for Social, Sociability, Society

There's nothing like a good battle, a bit of conflict to realise one of our most precious fundamentals in life - the importance we humans are to each other. And what a year it has been to bring being social, our sociability and society to the forefront of everybody's minds, bodies and souls.

It's a tricky one though isn't it... here's why:

To be social we have to connect to another in some way, and, because no two people can possibly be compatible all the time, we also develop ways of living with whilst side-stepping those many, many differences.

Now, when you begin to consider just how many levels there are on which to connect, disconnect and side-step, we begin to realise not only just how tricky being social is, let alone sociability and society, but also the phenomenality of when we do connect and synergy flows.

Here are our levels of existence by which we connect etc.:

Universality, Nature, spirituality, our individual nature, behaviours, activities then there’s: the physiological, biological, familial, energy, environmental, linguistics, presence, identity, influence and technological. All of which affect our, spiritual, emotional, rational, intellectual, spatial, cultural, political, economic, personal preferences, personal prejudices.

Phew! That’s a lot of levels on which to engage others – yet we do!

On top of which, we are all continually affecting change in the whole of everything, as well as being affected by everything else every single moment of every single day.

How amazing are we!

Yes, I know, we have much work to do to improve things…

The problem is that we are sensitive creatures and when our sociability is knocked off course, our most tender and vulnerable senses take the knock, becoming bruised, sometimes traumatised. Whilst everything is affected, our softer side suffers most – our emotions, playfulness, humour, joy, character, kindness, compassion, generosity etc. all of which effect hope, faith and charity.

Human sensitivity should not be a problem.

In fact, human sensitivity should be quite the opposite – a celebration!

Human sensitivity is in fact the cornerstone of what makes us beautiful creatures on this amazing planet of ours.

Human sensitivity needs to be nurtured to live as freely and fully as possible, as this is what makes us human, and allows us to live our lives to the full.

Such is life just now.

That’s it guys, to reclaim all that good stuff for ourselves we have to be it.

Fundamental to that level of nurturing is our ability to self-nurture.

Our softer parts are our most precious elements, bringing our most gentle, most authentic selves to the fore with a warmth of energy, we can do nought else but smile. It’s like all our bits are being massaged in the gentlest possible way, filling with our gorgeousness, bringing to life our emotional beingness and allowing it to live and breathe through us.

Here’s How:

Cut yourself some slack – and everyone else for that matter…

Open yourself to giving yourself a break whilst being your best for yourself, everyone and everything else: resting, recovering, healing, replenishing, renewing, restoring, re-energising, re-enlivening in whichever shape or form suits you best – at your own best time and pace… being aware, of course that your whole knows best… your soul knows.

Get out and about in nature, let your body breathe fresh air, cleansing the parts other stuff just can’t reach - and begin to enjoy doing so.

Open yourself to being self, worldly and wholly aware, whilst beginning to live like there’s no one watching – and enjoying doing so.

Enjoy clearing debris, generating more living space inside, out and throughout.

Oh my goodness, beginning to feel the joy of breathing - being alive and living!

Fill up to overflowing on all the stuff that allows you to transform into your best version possible: you being you, ‘knowing’ you are being yourself.

Become saturated in yourself, all your gloriousness.

Immerse yourself in the whole of life, all its gorgeousness.

Emerging anew – refreshed, renewed.


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