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Y is for...

Y is for You

Gosh where do we start – what makes you, You?

You are unique.

Every single atom of your being is alive with everything you are – everything that makes you You – your you-ness.

Your soul

Your spirit

Your body

Your mind

Your emotionality

Your motionality

Your vibe

Your tribe

Your senses

Your nature

… still with me…? There’s more…

Your instincts

Your intuitions

Your pleasures

Your pains

Your talents, gifts abilities and skills

Your strengths

Your vulnerabilities

Your experiences to date

Your moment right now

Your future

Everything in the whole wide world that floats your boat

… and everything that makes it sink.

Moment by moment, day by day, circumstance by circumstance,

Your life is totally unique to you.

You, your history, your future, your life right now, is very special indeed.


As well as all that…

There are some things, many things we all share: the Universe, our planet, our humanness, our life.

‘Be yourself, live your life and enjoy yourself on the way’ were words that bubbled up for me the other week. It’s like I somehow needed permission to enjoy being me.

This is understandable.

We all live through challenges way before we’re equipped to do so well. This can and does take its toll. The best we can do is connect freely with all that endures – inside and out and all we hold dear.

Whilst you have all the permission in the world to enjoy being all you are and all you are to be

I hereby give it to you now…

Be You x

... and here's what to do to help to heal, restore, to come back together anew:

Taking time out is super important anyway – taking time out - WHEN YOU DON’T NEED TO is a great way to start to getting your whole act together.


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