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N is for...

N is for Nature

‘Nothing rings more true than a living soul being free to be’

To be or not to be, that is the question – or is it?

Why not just be?

I suppose the question then becomes, what – what are we meant to be?


What should we never not be?

Our nature.

If there is one thing we shouldn’t deny ourselves in life, it has to be our Nature.


Well, that’s easy. We shouldn’t deny ourselves our Nature, because that is what our bodies long to be, demand even. You see our drive ‘to be’ – our Nature - resides deep inside, all around and throughout. There’s no pinpointing it, it is just there – it just is.

Problems arise when other factors of life: energy, environmental, economic, familial, egoistical, behavioural, social, cultural, political don’t align with our Nature. For example, we may be peaceable and innovative of Nature, becoming totally out of sorts when faced with conflict.

The key is to allow your Nature to have its ‘say’ ‘sway’ and ‘way’ in life – for it to be present as fully as possible, along with any allowances necessary to allow for inevitable compromises along the way.

I call this way of being, having your say, sway and way in a sustainable way.

Here’s How:

Of course, by now you’re getting an inkling of what to do – it’s back to basics!

There’s two parts to this one…

‘Your soul knows’

I know, it’s true, and it’s really tricky.

Ever since these words bubbled up from way deep within, I’ve had them pinned up on my work noticeboard.

Despite being well aware of the truth of the words, sometimes I just can’t help myself. Sometimes, just sometimes, I do wish I knew too!

We’re so human – right!

So yes, have the words to hand, especially somewhere you know you’re likely to get too involved in yourself, so they are there for you as and when you need them… and yes, open to them warming the cockles of your heart, spreading lusciousness throughout whenever you catch a glimpse of them.

Part 2 - Be a nature nurturer.

Get out and about in nature, as free as you like. For me this can be just stepping out the door, relaxing and breathing.

What happens is your unconscious symbiotic relationship with everything natural recharges your natural fundamentals: the organic, sensory, physiological, instinctive and intuitive, whilst enlivening your nurturing, providing that all important breathing space for you to come to wholistic terms with all those dratted compromises.

You are your nature and you don't even have to know what that is, because deep down, you know.

Yay! We're half way there...

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